Sales Representative

DePalma Workwear is looking for a Sales Representative to further strengthen the Sales Department within the company.

The main focus of a Sales Representative is to continuously work with sales at DePalma Workwear to maximize and optimize it in a sustainable way.

Sales Representative is mainly active in the Swedish market, but also other markets as further defined by CEO and is the main contact for its given customers in these markets. Sales Representative is responsible to be present out in given markets, acting as the face of the brand and enabling existing customers to grow according to plan, nourishing and replenishing their business. A Sales Representative is also responsible for opening up new accounts on an ongoing basis according to set plan.

Sales Representative will have set market specific goals in terms of sales numbers and door count but also from a brand perspective and planned distribution (according to set distribution plan) and to follow up and deliver on set goals.

The Sales Representative is a person that is extremely driven by sales and closing deals, yet maintaining brand values, and has prior experience from the workwear/hardware and/or clothing industry.

Sales Representative reports to CEO.

Main work tasks:

• Full focus on sales, both for existing accounts as well as opening up new accounts in a rapid pace

• Expected to spend considerable time in the market and with the accounts
– servicing all accounts in the best possible way

• On a monthly, quarterly and annual basis – ensure that sales targets are met and if not develop plans on how they will for the future

• Part-take in setting the companies general sales strategy and tactics to be able to deliver on set goals

• Ensuring that all accounts fulfill the requirements set out by DePalma Workwear, including but not limited to sales, marketing and brand presentation

• Evaluating and analyzing all accounts to take measures for future improvement in order to maximize/optimize the business

• Sales Representative is a team player that understands that DePalma Workwear is still in an initial phase, why involvement in other fields of work within the company is very likely and expected

Who Are You?

Working with Sales in the Wholesale and B2B sales channel for a brand like DePalma Workwear, growing very rapidly, a Sales Representative must possess both strong quantitative abilities and excellent written and oral communication skills. You are a hands on “doer”, yet understand the need for, and want to develop, firm sales tactics to ensure that goals are met. You have a great understanding for how to create business, both new and further develop existing partnerships. You also have great communication skills to make sure all partners are aligned with our mission.

You are an open minded and easy going person, with a strong entrepreneurial mindset that understands the opportunities and limitations of a rapidly growing company, wanting to find new and smart ways of developing the business. You have a genuine interest and passion for workwear/clothing and a minimum of 2-3 years of working experience in similar companies/industries.

Who Are We?

What if workwear could be as much about style and passion, as function? With this initial thought Jonas Skommevik and Thomas Flinn co-founded DePalma Workwear in 2016. They noticed a new generation of craftsmen, ranging from carpenters to restaurant workers and mechanics, ready to leave old ways and stereotypes behind. It was time to breathe fresh air into a conservative market.

With decades of experience creating and developing international fashion and streetstyle brands from Sweden, the idea of bringing a bit of lifestyle into workwear sounded just about right. From their head office in Stockholm the DePalma team of professionals design, sell and market workwear for a new generation of craftsmen.

The initial thought has an answer; DePalma is remodelling the workwear industry.

This is a unique opportunity for a person with an entrepreneurial mindset as it gives the chance to be an integral part in forming the development of DePalma Workwear - now and for the future!

The applicants understand and are motivated by that DePalma Workwear is growing very rapidly and have just begun its journey, and want to take part in forming and developing the business from an early stage in the quest of expanding the company on a global scale!

It will also give great possibilities to grow within the role and company in the future.

Last date of application: 10 November. But we are assessing applications continuously.
Location: DePalma Workwear HQ, Tobaksspinnargatan 2, Stockholm, Sweden
Employment start: Per agreement
Applications, including CV: [email protected]