Meet the welder Matt Jones

Matt Jones founded Molten Metal Works in 2009, starting with classes in the back of Machine Project. In 2010 he got his own shop and has filled it with classes ever since. Matt has been welding since 2000, learning and perfecting his craft in college and continuing with building furniture, museum sets and amusement parks, among them the Harry Potter set at Universal Orlando and Carsland at Disneyland.

The entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and hard work that Matt has put into his business is obvious. Welding is an art and must be practiced with care and perfection. Matt uses our Homestead jacket and Boss work pants giving him protection, comfort and functionality, as you can see in the images.

Matt is a perfectionist and there is no reason why his clothes shouldn’t reflect this. We design our products with the same mindset that Matt works; perfect finishing, quality and durability. Below you can see some of Matts favourite pieces that he wears on a daily basis when he’s either welding in his workshop or teaching classes.